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Borgo's Virtual Social Media Manager (VSMM)

Borgo Virtual Social Media Manager (VSMM)Our world communicates at a fast pace. Actually, communication is almost instant. Thanks to services like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, the whole world can know what you are doing in a matter of seconds.
That empowers users, it enables them to express themselves about their daily activities, company or product.
In the last two cases, the information provided can either be beneficial or detrimental for your e-reputation.
And you can't take care of your image actively, as you are spending most of your energy on your work.

Here's what the job of the Social Media Manager (SMM) is:
  • Establish your image on different Social Medias
  • Optimise your communication
  • Create a strong community around products and services
  • Create and Manage online marketing campaigns
  • Defend and preserve your e-reputation

The SMM comes, of course, with a cost; according to Sprout Social research published in late 2014, their salary range spreads from $30k to $70k per year (€27k to €63k), depending on their experience, fame and background.
That's a huge cost for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); most of which hesitate to hire a SMM because you could hire an extra professional for the same price that would push forward your business.

That's why we, Borgo, created the Virtual Social Media Manager. Imagine the advantages of having a SMM that is hired full time by your company, but at a fraction of a cost.
We will publish it in the following days, but we let you know that our prices start at €14k per year. That's 48% less than the salary of a Junior SMM Profile.
And with different plans available, you'll be able to hire Borgo's Virtual SMM depending on your needs (monthly, for half a year, etc ...)
Borgo VSMM pie chart