Our principles

We find that corporations are too big to keep abreast with new technologies. We keep it small and strive to be agile, innovative, inventive and attentive. In other words: to react quickly, to create something new, to be resourceful and to offer tailor-made solutions.
We founded Borgo S.A. after years of work for other companies, which mainly just took the margin on our work while charging their clients too much and/or delivering them a product that didn't fulfil their needs. Borgo S.A. wants to be the opposite.
Clients that choose us, will get a solution, adapted to their needs. Be it a ready-made solution that will transform your daily problem into a smooth clockwork or an original, bespoke development of your idea for a new technology. What matters to us is that it helps your business to prosper.
We want to cut out middlemen. It is easier to communicate directly and it is cheaper, too. However, if we want to always be at the cutting edge of technologies, we have to look for talents that help us stay there.