Borgo's identity

Our identity

We pursue and harness new technologies. We shape them so that they serve our clients' needs. We would like that our ideas influence the future and we learn from the deployment of technologies in the past, how to do this.
It is more than a coincidence that Borgo S.A. is founded in Luxembourg City. For some two hundred years the city was a formidable and impenetrable fortress. It changed to a bustling modern capital, but we like to think of that fortress as a symbol of what we want to offer to our clients as our no. 1 priority – security.
We draw inspiration for our work from our name, Borgo. For more than a thousand years borghi (Italian, plural of borgo) were important settlements – either fortified or, when the enclosure became too small, new urban areas outside the walls. Bursting with activity, they offered their inhabitants, people living nearby and travellers protection, they were centres of exchange – of trade, technology and communication.